The Humanitarians Collaborative UK Summit - A Night of Excellence, Collaboration, and Inspiration

12/18/2023 7:45:12 AM

The evening commenced with a warm welcome to esteemed organizers Dr Shiv Kakran, Mayank Dahiya, and Disha Kakran Dahiya, who set the stage for an inspiring and collaborative night by honouring distinguished guests.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Dr. Shiv Kakran's opening speech established a tone of unity, inclusivity, and transformative experiences for the evening.

The summit featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including Former Deputy Mayor of London Sunil Chopra, CLLR Hitesh Tailor, CLLR Kuldev Sehra, Dr John Prade, Dr Udeshwar Singh, Ruby Raza, and Rangdatt Joshi. Each speaker contributed valuable insights, aligning with the event's overarching theme of collaboration in humanitarian efforts.

The pinnacle of the evening was the Global Inspirational Award Edition 5th, jointly presented by Trident Events & Media Ltd (UK) and T.Exclusive Lifestyle & Media Pvt Ltd (India), supported by the World Humanitarians Fraternity. Awardees from diverse fields were recognized for their outstanding contributions.

The convocation ceremony, conducted by Dr. John Thomas Prade, President of École Supérieure Robert de Sorbon, France, added an extra layer of prestige to the night, culminating in Nafessa Ahmed being honoured with a doctorate.

Directors Shiv Kakran and Mayank Dahiya conveyed their commitment to promoting art, culture, and tourism through exhibitions and fashion shows, emphasizing the power of cultural diversity to bring people together.

Dr. Shiv Kakran, the Director, expressed, "It reaffirmed the power of inclusivity and dialogue in fostering a more harmonious world. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this transformative event."

Trident Events & Media Ltd, dedicated to creating impactful experiences, and the World Humanitarians Foundation, led by Disha Dahiya, played pivotal roles in orchestrating an evening that celebrated unity in diversity and the power of collaboration.