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Trident Events & Media is a comprehensive media solutions and content company with a 360-degree approach. We stand out as one of the few companies proficient in strategic media relations for brand building. With operations spanning India and the United Kingdom, we offer a wide array of services and solutions across all platforms, including Event Management, Media, Advertising, and Social Media, encompassing both print and electronic mediums.

Our expertise extends to content creation and production across various entertainment platforms, ranging from live events to corporate gatherings. At Trident, our mission is to bridge the gap between the global entertainment industries, creating a vital space for diverse worlds to converge and collaborate. We aim to stimulate interactions between different industries and the public sphere.

We take pride in nurturing valuable relationships among individuals from various sectors of the entertainment industry, including beauty, fashion, and music. Through the production of panels and workshops featuring highly respected and accomplished professionals, Trident Events & Media Ltd has rapidly emerged as a trusted source for insights into emerging global markets in the realms of fashion, beauty, and music.


Building on our success, Trident Events & Media takes pride in having orchestrated five highly successful Global Inspirational Awards, recognizing and honoring individuals who have made exceptional contributions to various fields on a global scale. These awards further solidify our commitment to celebrating excellence and innovation across diverse industries.
In addition to our recognized achievements, Trident Events & Media has become synonymous with hosting prestigious award ceremonies in the distinguished setting of the London Parliament. This serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering events of the highest caliber, where we honor outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields of entertainment, business, and beyond.
Looking ahead, we are excited to announce our plans for the upcoming year. In 2024, Trident Events & Media is set to host the Global Business & Education 2024 awards in multiple global locations, including London, India, Vietnam, Dubai, and the USA. This international expansion reflects our commitment to recognizing and promoting excellence on a global scale, bringing together thought leaders, visionaries, and innovators from diverse backgrounds.
As we continue to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment, Trident Events & Media remains dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Our upcoming Global Business & Education 2024 awards mark the next chapter in our journey, where we aim to create a platform that transcends borders, uniting individuals and organizations committed to driving positive change and excellence in business and education worldwide

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Our core competency is our ability to engineer attention in media through its various platforms of print, electronic, and digital. For more information, please contact us via email or phone.

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Conferences, Seminars, Product Launch, Mall Activations, Road Shows, In-shop Brandings, Rural Marketing.

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Trident Communications is adept in providing all-round solutions and strategies for any brand or brand related exercises. The team.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides efficient services in Web Design & Development, Graphic Design & Brand Identity.

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